"Agro-Belogorie" is in the TOP-10 of the leading pork producers in Russia. The production assets are located in Belgorod Region.

The enterprises of the holding operate on their own raw materials in a closed production cycle. The food safety management system complies with international standards and the HACCP principles.

The holding consists of
Pig breeding
1,3 million heads
The average monthly number of livestock is
Meat processing
170 thousand tons
of finished products per year
Feed production
750 thousand tons
of animal feed per year
Work principles
Quality control and biosafety
Technology development and innovation
Social responsibility
Environmental protection
Export development

"LTD Agro-Belogorie" in the structure of the group of companies is responsible for the export development.

2016 year

The holding officially got into the list of exporters. The first batch of meat products was sent to Hong Kong.
LTD Agro-Belogorie was certified for supplies to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union. First shipments to the Republic of Belarus.

2018 year

Development of partnerships with the countries of South-East Asia. First shipments to Vietnam.

2020 year

Entering the African market. Commencement of deliveries to Gabon.

2021 year

The priority is the start of cooperation with China, as well as South Korea, and the further development of partnerships with the African continent states.

More than
15 000
exported since 2016.
4,8 thousand tons
shipped for export in 2020
30 kinds
products in the export range
12 countries
approved the export rights
Online product purchase

The holding's own electronic platform allows you to purchase the entire range of Agro-Belogorie meat products online, promptly and according to the rules common to all.

Over 1000
tons of products offered for sale weekly
More than 600
registered users
Over 100
types of products offered for on the site

Bidding for foreign partners is held on on a weekly basis. Foreign companies from 15 countries of the world are registered on the portal.

Delivery conditions
Export geography

The enterprises of the holding are accredited for deliveries to Hong Kong, Vietnam, the EAEU countries, Angola, Benin, Gabon, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa, the Philippines.

Exporter LLC "LTD AGRO-BELOGORIE" No. RU-031 / QL04222

Manufacturer LLC "MPZ AGRO-BELOGORIE" No. RU-031 / ST01738